About Us

We seek to understand the integration of the economic, social, legal, and technological components needed to transition to a greener economy and a more resource efficient society through biological, environmental and agricultural sciences.

The bioeconomy encompasses the invention, development, production and use of products and processes derived from the land and sea. It is a term increasingly in use and regarded as an important emerging market sector by funders and policymakers including RCUK, EU and BIS. The Interdisciplinary Centre for the BioEconomy (ICBE) brings together AU researchers in the bio and environmental sciences with those in business, economics and law.

There are significant challenges facing Wales and beyond, which can only be addressed by environmentally and socially robust solutions. The ICBE therefore seeks to create an interdisciplinary unit that can understand the integration of the component disciplines needed to make the transition to a greener economy and a more resource efficient society. Within the centre we will study the sustainable use of natural resources, green manufacturing and supply chains, natural capital and ecosystem services, and how the future urban and rural economies can come together.

Through the ICBE we will leverage existing science and technology funding to attract funding in the economic and social sciences, increase the University’s research profile and create impact for consumers, industry and the environment. The ICBE will address translational bioeconomy research, which is beyond the reach of any one discipline at Aberystwyth or elsewhere.

The ICBE will capitalise on significant investments in the Aberystwyth Innovation & Enterprise Campus (AIEC) and uniquely use the AIEC as a laboratory to create understanding of what is an appropriate model for the translation of research and innovation in Wales and the UK.